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Our Story

The Orange Farmers Market has a rich history with the first market held 9 March 2002 with 25 producers attending.

A major agricultural region, the Central West was seen as the food basket to nearby Sydney.

The Orange (Region) Farmers Market was an initiative of the Central West Ranges Food & Wine Group and was established in March 2002 in collaboration with local government and a small group of passionate producers.

The Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak was approached to manage the market, which they did until 2015 when the Stallholders took on the management role, with a dedicated team of their own.

Some stallholders tested their products at the market before expanding their business to retail stores and supermarkets.

Now, with consumers demanding more local produce, our stallholders have more opportunity than ever to provide discerning food lovers with fresh, local goods but the market continues to be the monthly catch up of farmers, small business owners, families and friends to talk about and celebrate the regions’ bounty.

A committee made of regular stallholders now run the market of more than 60 stalls with the continued support of Rotary Daybreak.

Want to be a stallholder? You just need to read and complete these documents to be considered by the committee

About OFM

The three primary aims of the Orange Farmers Market are:

  •  To support and stimulate the profitable trading and business growth of independent primary producers, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, and associated produce value-adders.
  •  To provide customers with regular supplies of high quality fresh food and access to improved nutrition.
  •  To contribute to the economic and social capital of the Orange community, and to work in conjunction with the other Farmers Markets in the Central Ranges.

Community Values

The Orange Farmers Market is an integral part of the local community and aims to provide various social benefits including:

  • Food and nutrition education
  • Regeneration of community spirit
  • Rural / urban linkages
  • Recycling of green waste and appropriate packaging
  • Support for local community projects
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Our Logo

The Orange Farmers Market is about local produce, local farmers and local community all coming together to embrace the best produce the region has to offer.

We strive to create a personal and social connection with our producers, sharing knowledge and embracing hand grown and hand made produce.

Market Rules

The Market aims to maintain the authenticity of the products and ensure its customers’ trust through simple rules. The rules and code of conduct are applicable to all stallholders – both existing stallholders and new applicants. These rules are designed to maintain the authenticity and reputation of the Market.

You can read the Orange Farmers Market Charter here.

Produce must be local – The region includes the Central West. Produce grown outside of the Central West or outside of season and brought in from other growing regions is not acceptable. Neighbouring areas may be permitted at the discretion of the OFMI Management Committee. Priority will be given to those producers closest to the region & reviewed annually against this Charter.

You are meeting the maker – All produce must be sold by the principal producer who is directly involved in the production process, or a nominated family member or employee or delegated representative. Re-sellers are not permitted.

Produce is fresh – Food cooked for consumption on the day should be of the highest quality and primary ingredients should be local.

Dogs are permitted at the market venue. Dogs must remain on a short, tight lead and be led by an adult. They must be at least one metre away from stalls serving hot/take-away meals/food.

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